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IAD Conducts Seminars for Administrators


The Inter-American Division (IAD) conducted a series of Publishing Administrative Seminars in four unions from August 7-21, 2014.


Seminars were held in the Chiapas Mexican Union under the leadership of union president Ignacio Navarro; in the Haitian Union under president Theart St. Pierre; in the Southeast Mexican Union under president Isaias Espinoza; and in the South Colombian Union under president Eliseo Bustamante.


The seminars were attended by all the presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and Publishing directors of the unions and conferences/missions. Among the distinguished guests were Howard F. Faigao, General   Conference   Publishing   director; Erwin A. Gonzalez, IAD Publishing director; and David Javier Perez, Mexican Adventist Editorial Group president.


The goals of the seminars were:


1. To have a better understanding about God’s plan for the Publishing Ministry as revealed in Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy.


2. To create awareness among administrators about the great potential for mission through Literature Ministry.


3. To inspire total involvement among church members in mission and outreach through literature evangelism, by selling and sharing materials.


4. To analyze the current status, strengths, and challenges of the Publishing Ministry within the unions.


5. To revisit the mission of the department, affirm the vision of administrators for the Publishing Ministry, and identify goals and objectives for the future.

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2014-The Year of the Literature Evangelist


This year has been designated as the Year of the Literature Evangelist. It is with a sense of heartfelt appreciation that we draw special attention to our faithful literature evangelists (LEs) and their commendable ministry. Today they are a growing body of workers numbering more than 49,000 worldwide, and they are a very effective force for evangelism. During 2013 more than 50,000 baptisms were traceable to their gospel service. This speaks well for the global work of our LEs and their leaders.


Working largely through one-to-one encounters, our faithful LEs go out daily with little regard for weather or other distractions. With prayers on their lips, songs in their hearts, and purpose in their souls, they minister to a world in need through individual face-to-face encounters. Their pulpits are to be found mainly in the homes of the people, but at times they are to be found witnessing in auditoriums and places of business. As well-trained communicators, they give winsome presentations, their voices continually echoing courage in the Lord. Their message is timely, and it is as enduring as the unfading print found in the quality literature they sell.


Dear friend, if you are an LE, let me assure you today that you are greatly valued. You are esteemed by your local church and your regional organization, and you are integral to the entire world Seventh-day Adventist Church family, of which you are a member. The earnest prayers of your world family accompany you wherever you are spreading the gospel.


Over the past two years you, as LEs from around the globe, have teamed with local church members to establish a new record in the distribution of The Great Controversy. We thank you for your unselfish assistance. In addition to the copies you have disseminated in your regular work program, you have assisted our lay men and women in personally distributing another 46 million copies of books, magazines, and tracts in many countries. I now invite you, your fellow workers, and all who had a part in that special program to seek the Lord in earnest prayer for those millions who recently received that book. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to impress their hearts to read it! “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16, NKJV).

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