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A Congress Like Never Before


The first Bi-division Literature Evangelist (LE) Congress was held March 4-8, 2014, in Baguio City, Philippines. Empowered with the theme Bringing Hope Into Every Home, the congress bonded the kindred spirit of LEs from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) and the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) in the summer capital of the Philippines.


The General Conference (GC) encourages each division to conduct a division-wide LE congress once every five years. This year, the SSD and the NSD decided to forge a collaborative effort that gave birth to the first bi-division congress of LEs. Vivencio R. Bermudez, SSD Publishing director, and Teru Fukui, NSD Publishing director, organized the event.


Howard F. Faigao, GC Publishing director, delivered a powerful homily to more than 1,200 LEs, publishing leaders, and church administrators. Faigao emphasized that our goal is to circulate the printed page to the entire world like leaves of autumn, as never before. The delegates enthusiastically chanted ‘like never before’ over and over following the speaker’s lead, each time with more emphasis.


Also in attendance were Delbert W. Baker, a GC vice president and advisor to the GC Publishing Ministries Department; Erwin Gonzalez, Inter-American Division Publishing director; Abraham D. Obaya, West-Central Africa Division Publishing director; and João Vicente Pereyra, Brazil Publishing House vice president for marketing. Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., SSD president, delivered the keynote address to welcome the delegates.


Thursday night featured a special report from the Brazil Publishing House, the largest Adventist publishing house in the world. Pereyra showed slides featuring its brand new facilities and equipment. He also shared statistics of the progress of the publishing work in Brazil. The audience praised the Lord for such an accomplishment.

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The Great Controversy Changed Everything for Me!


I was living in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, and working at a police office when I first learned about the matchless love of Christ revealed at Calvary.


In May 2011 I visited the home of my parents in Tomashpol, Ukraine.  My visit coincided with a wonderful event, the presentation of the new Christian book Rescue Me, Oh, God. It was authored by my own father, Alexander Vysochanskiy! Adventist brothers and sisters from the city of Vinnica also came for the occasion, and that was my introduction to Seventh-day Adventists, and the beginning of becoming acquainted with them.


 At the end of the presentation all who attended were given a book. The book I was given was named The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan.


Communing with this group of Adventist Christians made a huge impression on me. I sensed their healthy views on life and their dedication to God through worshipping on His holy Sabbath. I felt myself sharing their godly outlook.


I was rather in awe of that 600-page book I received. I thought that surely it would take me at least six months to read it, but I was wrong. I started to read it the same day I received it, and I could scarcely put it down! I read day and night. I finished it in just 10 days, and it completely changed my viewpoints. In fact, it dramatically changed me!


When I really saw God’s great plan of salvation as revealed in the Bible, my eyes were opened further. Numerous other questions and issues were made clear too—things I had never under- stood before. The Bible now became extremely interesting and meaningful to me.


When I returned home to Krivoy Rog, I was absolutely a different person. The Lord now lived vibrantly within my heart. I immediately searched for the local Seventh-day Adventist church in Krivoy Rog and started worshipping there. The following month, I made a spiritual covenant to join with God’s people and to serve Him.

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