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IAD Celebrates Year of  the  Literature Evangelist


The Inter-American Division (IAD) celebrated the Year of the Literature Evangelist (LE) during an LE Congress held at the Riviera Maya Hotel in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, from May 28-31, 2014. More than 1,000 delegates— administrators, publishing leaders, and literature evangelists—from several countries in the IAD territory convened in Cancun for the historic event.


With the theme Sent to Save, the congress sought to inspire LEs to take hope to each home, business, school, and everywhere in between.


“We have come up with plans to show literature evangelists that their work of canvassing goes hand-in-hand with the work of ministers,” said Israel Leito, IAD president, as he addressed the delegates. “The work of our literature evangelists is just as important as that of our ministers, because they carry hope where ministers cannot.”


In his opening remarks, Erwin A. Gonzalez, IAD Publishing director, declared: “It is a new day for church members in Inter-America to spread hope through publications. You are an integral part of fulfilling the mission of the church, for the gospel entered most of our countries in the IAD through publications, and that will continue until the Lord comes.”


Approximately 7,500 LEs serve in the IAD territory. “Our dream and vision is to have more than 15,000 [literature evangelists],” Gonzalez said. To reach that goal, Gonzalez challenged leaders and LEs to double their efforts in recruiting other members to canvass, and ensure that there is one Publishing Ministry director and one LE at every administrative level, including local congregations. “We seek a new generation of literature evangelists, mission oriented and professional, who will be ministers of the printed page,” challenged Gonzalez.

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GLOWing in Cuba


Mirtha Duthil’s parents were going to Cuba to visit family. Knowing this, Mirtha prepared various gifts for her mother to take with her for them. With everything set aside and ready for her mother to take, it seemed she was done. But then God impressed her to include one more item to send along.


Mirtha, a member of the Maranatha Spanish Seventh- day Adventist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sat down and quickly wrote a letter to her aunt. Here’s what she shares about that letter:



“In it I thanked my aunt for all the good times I had at her house growing up, and the many times she made me feel special, like when she allowed me to write on her school-sized blackboard at her house. I also told her how I remembered her son Edgar (my cousin) and how sad I was when he died at the young age of 3! Then the Lord impressed me to write about how I had read that Jesus in heaven would return the young children that had died to their mothers when He comes. Next, I proceeded to tell her that though I did not know the horrendous pain that losing a child would cause, it would be awesome to see Jesus returning children to their mothers.  Since she is not ‘a believer,’ I asked her who she would want Jesus to give Edgar to. It would be an honor for me to receive him, but for some reason I thought that she would prefer to be the one to receive him. Enclosed in the letter, I also included the Spanish version of the GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tract ‘Is There Hope After Death?’”


After Mirtha’s parents had been in Cuba for some time, Mirtha called her mother  to find out if she had given all the gifts Mirtha  had sent for the relatives—and especially to find out how her aunt had received the letter and tract she had enclosed. Her mother could not give her details at the time, because she was at the home of some government officials, but she said that Mirtha’s aunt read the letter and tract and cried so much! Then she made a decision to go to church!

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