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SUD Holds Division-Wide LE Congress


The Southern Asia Division (SUD) held a division-wide Literature Evangelist (LE) Congress from October 29 to November 2. It was organized by the SUD Publishing Ministries Department under the leadership of Benedict Biswas, Publishing  director,  bringing  350  LEs  and Publishing directors of seven unions in India  under  one  roof  in  Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, for sharing and learning.


With the worldwide Publishing theme “Bringing Hope into Every Home,” the inaugural session provided a heart-warming experience for the men and women who, altogether, speak more than 20 languages.


Among   the   guests   who   attended the congress were Howard F. Faigao, General Conference Publishing director; Rey P. Cabanero, South Philippine Union Publishing director; Elisabeth Sanguesa, Stanborough Press managing director; and Carlos Thorpe, Stanborough Press Marketing manager. The guests’ spirit filled presentations blessed the delegates.


The inspiring devotionals by SUD leaders emphasized that literature evangelism is a ministry of the highest order; it is a calling not a profession. John Rathinaraj, SUD president, encouraged LEs as he spoke about his own convictions for strengthening literature evangelism in the division.


The session gave LEs the opportunity to express their challenges, concerns, and suggestions to help the ministry. J. P. Singh, an LE who has worked for more than 40 years, asked leaders to consider having LE representation at next year’s General Conference session in San Antonio, Texas.


Sabbath was special, as publishing leaders and LEs worshipped the Lord together. Cyril Monthero, South- Central India Union president, presented the message of hope during Sabbath school.

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Great Is God's Faithfulness Daily!


The value of committing myself to God every morning before starting to work has become real to me. I have learned that a daily prayer of rededication opens the flow of His blessings. Our great God is a loving God, and when we trust in Him, He draws near to help us accomplish great things. I have witnessed His miracles of grace many times since I joined the literature evangelist ministry.


One day I got a good start in the morning and worked very hard throughout the day. Yet I had not made even one sale. The day wore on into the late afternoon’s heat, and my bag full of books and supplies seemed to be getting heavier than ever before. I began to feel as though I was walking alone and that my special angel had left me. I pressed on, but it seemed that regardless of my efforts no one cared to purchase a book from me. Then I remembered something I had learned during our training program.


We were told to faithfully work until the last minute of the day— and never to give up—because one never knows when the wall of resistance will give way to a special blessing that God has in mind for us.


So I persevered in faithfully following that advice. The Lubumbashi sun continued to beat down without mercy, and my still-full bag was almost unbearably heavy.


As I came to the next door, I earnestly prayed to the Lord once more. I knocked, and the door was opened by a cordial gentleman, who welcomed me in. He became excited from the very first as I explained my work. And when he saw my big family Bible, the very elegant one filled with lots of additional helpful information, he became even more excited.

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